Saturday, December 26, 2015

Unique Ways to Lace Shoes

Unique Ways to Lace Shoes

Shoe laces are an essential part to most sneakers, but sometimes the old-fashioned way of tying sneakers can feel boring and dull. If you're interested in making your feet stand out, consider lacing your shoes in one of over 20 funky patterns. Using brightly colored shoelaces will make the patterns stand out even more.

Bow Tie Method

    The bow tie method

    One type of shoe lacing is a method called the Bow Tie, because it looks as though the shoes are held together by bow ties in the shoelaces. This method uses very little of the shoelace, leaving long ends at the tips. To begin, lace the first set of holes horizontally as normal. Next, take one end of the lace and carry it up to the next hole on the same side. Bring it through, then loop diagonally upwards and take it through. Bring it out one hole up on that same side, then loop diagonally upward again. Bring it through, then bring the lace out on the next hole up on that same side. Repeat for the other half of the shoelace. Once all the holes are completed, bring shoelace ends out as normal, tighten and tie.

Sawtooth Method

    Another type of shoelacing is called sawtooth lacing, wherein it appears as though one set of the laces go straight across and others go vertically. To begin, run the lace horizontally as normal. Carry one end of the shoelace underneath and bring it out to the next hole on the same side. With the other end, loop diagonally upwards to the next hole on the opposite side. Next, switch, so that the end of the shoelace that went horizontally now goes straight across and the one that went straight now goes diagonally. Repeat until all holes are full. Because of this pattern, all diagonal laces should be running in the same upward pattern.

Hash Method

    A more complex shoelace pattern, hash lacing derives its name from the series of hash symbols created by the pattern. Begin with the shoe laces running straight across the first holes with the ends emerging through the bottom eyelets. Next, cross the ends over on the outside and feed them two holes up, through the next eyelets up (two holes will be left open between). Next, run the ends straight down on the inside of the shoe and bring them through the holes just below. Repeat, each time crossing over on the outside and going up three sets of holes, then running straight down and looping through the bottom hole.

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