Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to Buy Big Women's Shoes

How to Buy Big Women's Shoes

Do you have trouble buying big women's shoes? Big women have difficulty finding comfortable shoes. There is nothing as uncomfortable as feet stuffed in high heels that should have never been bought in the first place.

Discover tips for finding comfortable big women's shoes.


    Big Women's Shoes Are Not 4 Inch Heels

    Forget really high heels. Big women's shoes are not high heels. Face it: Three inch heels are not going to be comfortable for big women.

    Yes, the shoes might be cute on a size 5 lady, but not on big women. In fact, it makes someone want to come over and ask how they can help you, because the shoes LOOK so uncomfortable, a far cry from cute.

    If you must wear heels, try and find a median. Instead of three inch heels, look for heels one to one and a half inches high. This doesn't put as much pressure on the ends of your feet. Big women's shoes should not be screaming "help me."

    Big Women's Shoes Come In Wide Width- Get Them

    Find a wide width shoe. Big women's shoes come in wide width. Retail stores such as JC Penney, Lane Bryant, Sears, and Catherine's all sell wide width dress and casual shoes, for big women.

    Online shops that carry wide width include and Payless also carries wide width, but you must look for the E letter on the box, indicating a wide width. Look to the bottom of the article for Big Women's Shoes Resources

    Big Women's Shoes Are Not Cheap You're Paying For Quality Over Price

    Choose quality over price. Although shoes that feel better or may be wide width do cost more, you're paying for quality. Remember, you get what you pay for.

    If big women choose cheap shoes, we all know how long the shoes are going to last. Big women tend to be hard on shoes and low quality means short life for a shoe.

    In the end, after buying 3 pairs of cheap shoes, you could've bought one pair of quality comfortable shoes for cheaper. Big women's shoes are going to be more expensive, but better quality.

    There are brands of big women's shoes that have a good history for wide comfort.

    Choose big women's shoes that have a history of comfort for wide feet.

    Brands such as Clarks, Crocs, Yellow Box, Soft Spots, Soft Walk, Hush Puppies and Easy Spirit all have shoes that accommodate wide width feet with comfort.

    No Excuse for Not Finding Comfortable Big Women's Shoes

    Try on shoes before leaving the store. Walk around with the shoes on for several minutes.

    A little snug is fine, because you will have to break them in. If shoes are too snug or uncomfortable, find another pair. You know your own feet better than anyone.

    If the shoes are a comfortable fit, then you should buy them. If not, find some that are. There is no excuse for not finding comfortable big women's shoes.

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