Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Tell if Gucci Shoes Are Real

How to Tell if Gucci Shoes Are Real

Gucci is an exclusive, well-known Italian fashion house that produces several lines of very popular shoes. However, because of their reputation, quality and price, Gucci shoes are commonly counterfeited and sold in bazaars, flea markets and other smaller commercial establishments across the globe. The good news is these fake Gucci shoes can almost always be identified if you examine them closely.



    Check the bag and/or box the shoes are packed in. Real Gucci boxes are dark brown and have the word Gucci in raised silver or gold metallic letters running parallel to the short side of the box. The words "Italy" or "Made in Italy" do not appear on the front of any modern Gucci boxes. The authentic shoes come with a dark brown satin "GG" print shoe bag.


    Examine the quality of the stitching for Gucci tennis shoes, which is a typical giveaway for fake Gucci shoes. If the stitching is not completely straight and regular or there is any sign of glue, then they are not authentic Gucci shoes. The inside surface of all Gucci tennis shoes is white. The color and width of the stripes on the sides of the shoes is also a typical giveaway for knock-off Gucci tennis shoes. Real Gucci tennis shoes have two alternating forest green stripes, with a Ferrari red stripe in between them, on the side of each shoe. Each stripe is about 3/4-inch wide.


    Check the serial number for all-leather Gucci pumps or loafers. Authentic Gucci leather shoes will have an eight-digit serial number stamped on the leather lining on the inside of the shoe, close to the shoe size markings. The inside of real Gucci shoes are all lined with leather and are stamped with the words "Gucci Made in Italy" on the heel of the shoe lining. A genuine women's Gucci shoe has "GUCCI Made in Italy" stamped on the outside of the sole just above the shoe size.

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