Friday, February 19, 2016

How to Organize a Small Shoe Closet

If you're like me and you have a lot of shoes to fit into a small closet, they can become a jumbled, unorganized mess in no time. The good news is there are some solutions to help you keep a small shoe closet organized so that you can easily find what you are looking for without digging through piles of mismatched shoes.



    Remove all the shoes from your closet. Match them up with their mates and put them in a clear shoe box or the shoe box that they came in, which will work just as well. Assign one pair of shoes per box.


    Get rid of any shoes you haven't worn in the past year; you probably won't wear them again. Also, purge shoes that are worn out and cannot be worn anymore. says that a good way to get rid of shoes you will no longer wear is to donate them to charity.


    Take a picture of each pair of shoes and tape it to the outside of the clear shoe box or the original shoe box that the shoes came in. This simple process can save you time everyday from having to dig through your closet to find shoes that match.


    Separate your shoes by season. This will save you space and time by allowing you to keep fewer shoes in your closet and having only shoes that are wearable for the season visible to you. says to store the out-of-season shoes that you will not wear for now in another designated storage space like a basement or under the bed. Suitcases also make great storage spaces for out-of-season shoes because they already take up space.


    Stack your shoe boxes in your closet with the picture side facing out. This will allow you to see the shoe that is inside the box before you pull the box out of the stack.


    Purchase a shoe rack that fits over the door of your closet to save you room and provide a place for you to store shoes that you do not have a box for. Idea Marketers says that these types of shoe racks work best for flip-flops, flats and sandals.

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