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How to Design Ladies Flip Flops

Flip flops are comfortable, step-in-and-go shoes. They're popular and fun. People wear them to the beach, around the house and yard, out shopping and even out for the evening. Designing and making a flip flop takes very little time, some creativity and a purpose. Consider where you want to wear the flip flops. Will they get wet? Do you want something fun? Flashy? Dressy, even? Whatever your plans for your flip flops, you'll want to actually make your design. If you have plans to sell it, you'll want to test out your creation to see how it holds up before attempting to market it.


Making Your Own Design


    Select a material to cover the basic thong on your flip flops. You might cover them with a ribbon or marabou or even paint which adheres to rubber. Choose a base color to complement or contrast with the top decorations you'll later use.

    Consider texture. Do you want a flat ribbon or something more 3-D? Is this covering going to be the sole covering on the thong---therefore being a simple design? Also consider how easy or difficult it will be gluing additional pieces to your base covering.

    Consider the effect wear and tear will have on your base material. For example, marabou does not fare well when wet, but it is excellent for a fun and flirty look.


    Cover the thong with your base material. You might paint the thong a different color, or paint it with multiple colors, perhaps in bands, wavy lines or polka dots. If you opt to cover the thong with a ribbon or strip of marabou, glue the material in place.


    Rather than cover the thong across the top, you can use narrow ribbon and wrap it around the thong, gluing it into place. This will take more patience and will be more secure if you glue the ribbon onto both sides of the rubber thong. Do not over-glue and wipe off any excess glue. Allow to dry.


    Embellish the base covering. Glue on gemstones, fabric (or plastic) flowers, buttons, metal charms or almost anything small and decorative. Choose the decorations based on the look you wish to achieve. Charms are fun, whereas gemstones are flashy and, if not overdone, can be dressy. Flowers can be pretty or flirty. If this is for school spirit, you might glue mini pom-poms across the school-colored ribbon. Or for the purple hat society thong, you might glue small purple hats or something simpler like tiny purple bows. Allow the decorations to dry.


    Accessorize beyond the thong. You can add to the flip flop, creating more of a shoe or sandal look by using ribbon or chain. For example, attach ribbons to the base of the thong sides. The easiest way to attach securely is to loop the ribbon around the thong and sew the ribbon. Now you have ribbon lengths which can cross atop the foot the wrap around the ankle to tie. Depending on the length of the ribbons, they might wrap around the calf as well, before tying them off in a bow.

    You can also attach a length of chain at the toe point of the thong. Again, loop the chain over the cross piece high enough so it won't rub against the toe, and then link the chain together with the end link. At the other end of the chain, attach a clasp. When putting on the flip flop, wrap the chain around the ankle and back to the toe point where you'll use the clasp to hook the chain together, making an anklet loop accessory.

    Use fringe along the length of the thong to brush against the side of the foot. Keep the fringe short or it'll drag on the ground and get stepped on. If need be, once the fringe is attached firmly, trim the edge to shape it so it hangs longest where it can and shortest where it needs to.


    Wear the flip flop around. Any design needs to be tested. Note how long the pieces hold up. If the parts do not remain attached, consider whether you need better glue or whether the pieces you chose are too heavy.

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