Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Replace Heels on Women's Dress Shoes

Womens dress shoes are bound to lose heels occasionally. With everyday wear and tear, high heels can wear down and eventually break loose from the shoe, potentially causing you to take an awkward stumble. A heel that falls off womens dress shoes isnt reason enough to buy a new pair of shoes. Instead, save money and replace the broken high heel with a new one.



    Find a new heel thats the same size and shape as the heel on your other shoe if you have to replace the high heel. An identical heel is essential to make sure the shoes feel the same when you walk. One shoe that feels differently from the other could be a tripping hazard.


    Scrape the old glue off the broken high heel. Use a razor blade to scrape it off, or you may have luck peeling the glue away. Its important to remove all of the high heel glue to ensure the new glue adheres well.


    Apply a generous amount of adhesive to the tip of the heel where it attaches to the shoe. You can use high heel glue, super glue, all-purpose glue or carpenters glue although youll likely have a more secure fit if you use super glue.


    Press the glued end of the broken high heel to the bottom of your shoe. Hold it there until the glue creates a strong seal.


    Wipe any excess glue off the shoe using a damp cloth.


    Allow the glue to dry overnight.


    Hammer shoe nails through the heel and into the sole of the shoe. You can buy shoe nails at a local shoe repair shop.

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