Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Tell Authentic Uggs

Genuine Ugg sheepskin boots are usually fairly expensive. They're warm, light and comfortable to wear, making the high cost worth it for many buyers. Buying real Ugg boots can be difficult now that they're popular, though. The market is full of imitations that don't provide the same quality of construction, comfort and long life that the real thing offers. Fortunately, it's not difficult to tell whether a boot is authentic or a fake, as long as you know what to look for.



    Examine the tag on the boots. Real Uggs are made in China by a U.S.-owned company called Deckers. Ugg boots are no longer made in Australia. If a boot claims to have been made anywhere other than China, it is likely a fake.


    Feel the sheepskin. Ugg Australia uses only double-faced sheepskin in its boots. Authentic double-faced sheepskin is dense and soft and has been tanned on both the skin and fleece sides. Many imitations use single-faced sheepskin, which has not been tanned on the skin side and may be unevenly dyed or marked. Some imitation Uggs also use pigskin, an inferior lightweight leather with many tiny holes.


    Check the tread. Authentic Ugg boots have a zigzag tread pointing toward the center of the boot. The Ugg logo should be imprinted in the boot center. Look on the official Ugg website to learn what an authentic sole pattern should look like.


    Evaluate the stitching. Genuine Ugg boots should have tight, neat stitching that matches the color of the boot. A boot with poorly done stitching is probably a reproduction.


    Check the paperwork. Authentic Ugg boots come with a one-year warranty against defective workmanship and materials.


    Smell the boots. Authentic footwear from Ugg Australia should not have a chemical smell if it has never been worn. Imitations often have a distinctive dye or paint smell.

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