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How to Make Sweater Shoes

How to Make Sweater Shoes

Sweater shoes and boots are a fashionable way to keep your feet warm. If you're going for the look but aren't a big fan of the price tag that comes with them, you can create your own pair of sweater boots using an old sweater and an old or cheap pair of shoes. A pair of flat shoes that are pretty flexible are best for this project, because it involves a bit of maneuvering. You'll need your imagination, too, if you want to add a personal flair.


Making Your Boots


    Cut the sleeves off the sweater where they meet the body. It's best to use a wide sleeve, so that you can easily slip your foot in and out of the shoe without trouble.


    Turn the sleeves inside out. Slip them onto your calves, with the wider part of the sleeve toward your foot. Put the shoes you are using on, and position the seam of the sweater sleeve so that it is at the back of your leg.


    Stretch the wider end of the sleeve around the shoe. Pull the loose part of the sweater so that it forms a boot-like shape around your leg, making sure the sleeve does not ride up off the shoe while doing this. Pin it in place. Repeat on the other shoe.


    Trim off the extra sweater fabric. Be careful not to trim too closely, as you'll need a little bit of slack for sewing.


    Slide the shoes and sweater sleeves off of your legs, taking care not to stick yourself or make the pins come loose. Sew the sleeves along the pinned line.


    Put your shoe back inside the sweater sole first. The top part of the show is exposed. Make sure that the seam on the sweater sleeve is lined up with the heel of the shoe.


    Sew the sweater onto the shoe. Depending on what type of shoe you're using, you may need to cut away some of the top part of the shoe to make stitching easier. Hold the shoe together by stitching a Velcro piece or elastic to span the opening of the shoe.


    Alternatively, you can glue the sweater onto the shoe. Start at the back, gluing the seam to the heel first and letting it dry before working your way around the shoe. Trim off the excess sweater material.


    Turn the sweater sleeves right-side out, being careful not to pull too hard and make the sweater come loose. The shoe will be inside the sweater sleeve. Test the fit of the boots; they should be easy to slip on and fit comfortably without falling down your leg.


    Make a cuff for the top of your boots. You can fold the top of the boots over, using the already existing sweater-sleeve cuffs, and sew it in place if the sleeves you used are long enough. Or, you can use the body of the sweater to sew a new cuff and attach it. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric from the body of the sweater that is the same length as the circumference of the top of the boot. Sew the short ends together to make a tube. Then pin it to the top of the boot with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Sew it to the top of the boot and fold it over to make a cuff.


    Personalize the cuffs of your boots by sewing applique or buttons on. Slip your boots on and enjoy!

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