Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Clean Red Satin Shoes Without Leaving Water Marks

Red satin shoes are a stylish and innovative shoe choice, whether they are ballet slippers or high heels. However stylish this fabric might be, however, it will endure the natural wear and tear of the street life. This wear and tear may leave stains and marks on the satin, and standard cleaning methods can easily leave watermarks behind on the fabric. Clean red satin shoes with the right materials to lessen your chance of watermarks.



    Moisten a soft cloth and dip it in OxiClean powder.


    Apply the OxiClean powder over the red satin material in a gentle circular motion. Use more pressure to remove stains, but go over the entire material with the OxiClean. Wetting the entire surface will prevent watermarks from appearing.


    Add water to a dry cloth and remove the OxiClean with it. Do not rinse the satin directly with water or you may damage the material.


    Wipe the red satin shoes with a dry cloth after removing all the OxiClean to remove any excess water. Use a hair dryer on the red satin shoes for several minutes to speed the drying process and prevent watermarks from forming.

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