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How to Tell If Ugg Boots Are Fake

Uggs are trendy sheepskin boots, renowned for their comfort, warmth and durability. This stylish cold-weather footwear, which originated in the sheep-shearing cultures of New Zealand and Australia, is now manufactured by Deckers Inc. (an American company) in China. According to FakeNot.com, although Deckers owns the Ugg trademark, Australians refuse to accept it, believing the name is synonymous with sheepskin boots in general. This has led to the manufacturing of imitation Ugg boots. By inspecting boots carefully and recognizing some common telltale signs of knockoffs, youll be able to buy authentic Uggs with confidence.



    Examine the stitching of the boots for any unevenness and irregularities, which would indicate that they are fake.


    Look inside of the boots for a label that reads "Made in China," which means they are authentic. If the label states they were manufactured in Australia, New Zealand or anyplace else, the boots are fake. Check to make sure there are no blue labels on either the interior or exterior of the boots; authentic Ugg boots never have blue-colored labels.


    Feel the outside of the boots to make sure they're covered in genuine sheepskin and not fake fur. Real sheepskin is soft and flat, while fake sheepskin has a fluffier feel. Rub the boots with your hand. Fake fur will disintegrate a bit when rubbed. Smell the boots to see if you can detect a scent of dye. Dye is used on the exterior of fake Ugg boots.


    Measure the sole thickness of the boots. The sole on authentic Ugg boots is a half-inch or thicker, while the sole on fake Ugg boots is much thinner. Check the bottom of the soles for a raised Ugg insignia, which is on all genuine Ugg boots. The Ugg label on the rear of the boots is higher on the heel of fake Ugg boots and contains irregular, overlapping lettering.


    Check the specific color of the boots. If they are referred to as camel-colored on the label, they are fake. True Ugg boots don't come in that color.


    Check the care booklet that comes with the boots. It should be square, white and have the words "UGG Australia" embossed on the front in gold. Fake Ugg boots comes with care booklets in silver with low-quality printing. The photographs in the authentic care booklet are clear and sharp. The photographs in the fake care booklet are blurry and unclear with exaggerated colors.


    Examine the box in which the boots came. An authentic Ugg box is constructed out of sturdy cardboard and has an attached flip-open lid. The words "UGG Australia" are printed in the center of the lid. The authentic Ugg logo is a small orange sun that resembles a starburst.

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