Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Fix a Squeaky Shoe Heel

If your shoe squeaks, something in the shoe is rubbing together. This usually happens when the cement added during the manufacturing process dried too quickly or was glued improperly. You can buy your own contact cement to the area of the shoe that is squeaking, which should eliminate the noise.



    Before fixing the squeaky shoe heel, check to see if you can return it to the store. Squeaky heels are considered a defect and should be easily returnable if they are new.


    Walk very slowly while wearing the shoe. Identify the exactly location of the squeak, if possible.


    When you find the area of the heel that is squeaking, locate the two parts of the shoe that are rubbing together.


    Apply contact cement to one of the surfaces. Press the two surfaces together and hold them there for several minutes so that the cement can dry.


    Try on the shoes again and walk in them to ensure that the squeaking is gone.

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