Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to Care for Wet Shoes

How to Care for Wet Shoes

At some point, you'll end up in the rain or step in a puddle while wearing shoes. Often, this doesn't have to spell the end for your special pair. There are some tips you can follow to dry your shoes without damaging them or altering their size or shape.



    Swing your shoes around vigorously to remove as much loose water as you can before you go any further. Then, use a towel or a rag to blot up more excess water on the shoe.


    Remove the laces and replace them when the shoes are dry. If you take the laces off, more of the shoe will be exposed to air, which will help it dry faster.


    Stuff your wet shoes with newspaper. The newspaper will pull the moisture from the shoes and help them maintain their original shape. Replace the newspaper every other hour until the newspaper you're removing is completely dry.


    Store your shoes in a cool, dark place, such as a basement or a garage, until they're fully dry.


    Run a small fan on your wet shoes. Consistent air flow promotes fast drying and prevents mildew from forming on your shoes. Turn the shoes frequently to insure no hidden pockets of moisture remain.

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