Friday, November 27, 2015

How to Make Boots Wider

How to Make Boots Wider

If you've ever passed a pair of boots in a shop window and fallen in love with them instantly, only to try them on and find they don't fit, then you know the frustration of boots which are too narrow for your feet. However, you're in luck if the boots are too narrow and otherwise fit fine in the toe and heel of the shoe. In that case, you still have a fighting chance to stretch the foot and calf width of the boot, so that they're wearable and comfortable.



    Select a plastic zipper-lock bag that's the size appropriate for the area of your boot you want to stretch. For example, if you want to stretch the foot of the boot, you'll need a large sandwich bag. If you want to stretch the calf of the boot, you'll need an extra-large freezer bag.


    Fill the bag half to three-quarters full of water. Press the air out of the bag and seal it.


    Insert the bag into the area of your boot that needs stretching. For example, if you need to stretch the foot of the shoe, slide it into the toe area.


    Prop the boot up in your freezer so that the plastic bags of water retain the fullness of their shape. Leave the bags in overnight. The next morning, slide them out and you'll find your boot wider. If it's still not wide enough, repeat the entire process.

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