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How to Fix Falling or Loose Slingback or Sandal Straps

That "perfect" pair of slingbacks felt great in the store, but now the strap slides down your heel, making wearing the shoes almost impossible. Sometimes, a pair of shoes that worked with a bare leg will slide when you wear nylons. If you're lucky and figure this out before you scuff up the bottoms, you can just return the shoes. But if you have already worn the shoes, or you just love them, fix the strap and continue to step out in style.



    If the strap buckles and you're using the last hole, use a tiny, sharp screwdriver to poke another hole in the strap. Using the new hole should hold the strap in place.


    Use double-sided tape to hold the strap in place. Measure a length of tape around your heel and cut to size. Attach the tape to the strap and put on the shoes. The tape should adhere to your heel as well, preventing the strap from falling.


    Use gel pads at the ball of your foot to lift your foot a bit higher, providing a better fit at the heel for the strap.


    If you have sewing skills and tools, shorten the strap. Put on the shoe and measure the excess length of strap. If the strap is attached to the shoe by a seam, detach the strap using a seam ripper. Trim the strap according to the length you measured. Sew the strap back to the shoe.

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    That "perfect" pair of slingbacks felt great in the store, but now the strap slides down your heel, making wearing the shoes almost impossible. Sometimes, a pair of ...

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