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How to Extend the Calf of Boots

How to Extend the Calf of Boots

Boots are fashionably worn with casual and dressy outfits alike. You can wear boots over a pair of jeans or under a sundress. However, boots should flatter your legs by extending to the right height on your calf. If you have a pair of boots that are too short, you can extend the calf with a few alterations.



    Measure the diameter at the top of the boot. Wrap a measuring tape around the calf opening and record the diameter, rounding up to the nearest quarter of an inch.


    Choose a piece of fabric close in texture and color to the fabric of the boot, if you want the top of the boot to blend in with the rest of the boot. Alternatively, choose a different color or texture fabric (fur, for instance) to add dimension or contrast to the boot.


    Measure the fabric using the measurement recorded and the desired height to be added to the boot. For instance, if the diameter of the boot measured 10 inches, measure 10 inches, add 1/4 inch (for a seam) and mark this measurement with chalk on the fabric with a line. On each side of this line, measure as many inches as you want to add to the boot and draw lines. However, draw lines angled slightly outward (instead of perpendicularly) to accommodate wider calf. Connect these lines with a line that is parallel to the first line drawn. Now, you should see a trapezoid figure. Cut this piece out of the fabric.


    Hold the fabric so the shorter side faces downward. Place the fabric inside the opening of the boot so the two fabrics slightly overlap. Pin the fabric all the way around to hold it to the boot. Sew the fabric to the boot using thread of the same color. Then sew the vertical slit of the fabric together. First, pin the ends of the fabric together so that a narrow seam (approximately 1/8 inch) faces inside the boot. Sew the seam.

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