Monday, November 9, 2015

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With a Brown Dress?

Almost everyone looks good in brown. It sets off most skin hues and flatters hair and eye colors. One common problem, however, is accessorizing with brown. While it can be difficult, brown is a fun color to coordinate with and allows you to bring underused colors back out of the closet.

Contrasting Brown

    A contrasting brown shoe is a great look with a brown dress. For instance, if your dress is a chocolate brown, select a tan shoe, while If your dress is a lighter shade, you should go for a deep brown. Avoid wearing matching browns, as this can wash out any look.


    For a fun retro look, try pairing your brown dress with a light pink shoe. There are entire websites devoted to this color combination ( and, for instance). This combo is worn by celebrities like Lisa Loeb for its 1960s throwback appeal. Gray and light blue accessories set off this look nicely.


    To get a bold contrasting accent, pair your brown dress with a bright yellow. Reminiscent of sunflowers and other plants, this look is both natural and distinctive.

White and Off-White

    A chunky white shoe or other, off-white shoe sets off brown nicely. Champagne pairs nicely with brown as do other creamy shades of white.


    Conventional wisdom holds that brown and black are worst enemies in fashion, but this doesn't have to be true. If your brown dress is short, using black shoes (especially sandals and flats) can work nicely. The only problem would come in the colors coming close to each other, as when the dress is very long or the shoes very high. Also, do not pair a dark brown dress with black shoes, as this may make the brown appear to be dirty or faded.

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